Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Heidi Costache's Drawings

A selection of Heidi Costache's gesture drawings, quick contour drawings and modeled drawing.
Heidi is 17. Terrific work Heidi. 

Hartej Bassan's - Life drawings

Hartej Bassan's quick gesture drawings using fellow students as models. 
Hartej is eleven. Very well done.

Blind contour drawings below

Olive Coomes - Drawings from Life models

A selection of Olive Coomes Quick Gesture drawings

Asher Coomes - Drawings using life models and Still-Life

Asher's Modelled Drawing of a Pewter cup

Asher's Blind Contour drawings (below)

Asher's Quick Contour Drawing (below)

Jessica Kang's Watercolour flower painting.

Jessica has made a lovely job of this Watercolour flower painting for her Mothers Day card.

Hannah Lu Witzig's Watercolour flower painting

Hannah worked with Watercolour to create this lovely flower painting for her Mothers Day card.

Hannah Ou Yang's - Dude with Octopus

Such lovely creative work by Hannah Ou Yang.
This piece is made of Polystyrene, Plasticine and Acrylic paint.

Kyran's Cyborg

Kyran's Cyborg is made from wire, Plastercine, acrylic paint and found objects and is mounted on wood.
He looked at his own hooded jumper to fashion the man.
Terrific job Kyran