Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Sarah's paintings for Yr 12 College Art Boards

Sarah has worked extremely hard this year and produced some amazing work for her Year 12 portfolio. Sarah has been coming to MEGANZ SVA since 2014. I have seen a consistent improvement over the years because of the effort and passion she has applied to her work. 
Her theme for this year was 'Innocence and Menace'. Using old abandoned theme parks for an added eerie dimension. Well done Sarah. Amazing work!
The above image is a detail of a work.

This painting is a detail of one of the acrylic paintings. Sarah has a lovely painterly style.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Norman's Self Portrait.

Norman is 18 and is gathering work for his Uni portfolio. He has done a terrific job on this pencil self portrait.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Jessica's Watercolour Fish

Lovely Watercolour paintings by Jessica, who is 11.

Mei's cute character

Mei loves to create cute made up characters of her own. She is working towards gathering enough to make a calendar. Can't wait to see them all together.
Mei is 10

Heidi's Character Development Drawings.

Heidi really enjoys creating new characters. These are a few developing drawings from her visual diary. Looking great so far. Love to see them when they are fully formed. 
There is great movement in Heidi's initial line work, which sets the character up well from the start. 
Heidi is 17 and hoping to produce a Graphic Novel in the future. 
Can't wait to see what she creates. 

Hayley's Still-life Lollie Drawing

For the end of Term 3 I gave the students a couple of sweets. Before they were aloud to eat them they had to draw them. Little Hayley who is 8 made a terrific job of her Lollie drawing.
Pencil, charcoal and felt pen on paper.

Hayley's Still Life Cup Drawing

Hayley has made a lovely still life drawing of a cup. Then added her own special touch by drawing a few adorable characters.
Well done Hayley.
She is 8

Hartej's Weta Man

Hartej has been working really hard on this Weta man. He first observed and drew Weta's from life and then adapted his drawing to a character.
He has done such a lovely job of the shading and structure on this work.
Hartej is 11

Hannah's clay head

Hannah OY has been working on a clay head. Coming along well so far.

Hannah's Watercolour Fish

Hannah LW has done a terrific job of these Watercolour Fish
Hannah is 11. Well done!
Watercolour on paper.

Diane's Year 11 art board works

Diane is working on her Year 11 College art board works. They were asked to study Maori design and use NZ artists references.
She has been coming along to our classes for extra advice and practice.
She is doing extremely well with these works.
Acrylic and charcoal on card. 

Asher's comic character made in clay

Asher created a great new comic character and has now made him in clay.
He has made a terrific job of him.
Asher is 10.

Asher's Comic Character

Asher has created a great character here for a comic he has been working on. Well done!
Asher is 10 years old.
Pen on paper.

Tiger rendering by Angus

Angus is age 14 He has a produced a terrific rendering of this character tiger.
Pencil and coloured pencil on paper

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Heidi Costache's Drawings

A selection of Heidi Costache's gesture drawings, quick contour drawings and modeled drawing.
Heidi is 17. Terrific work Heidi. 

Hartej Bassan's - Life drawings

Hartej Bassan's quick gesture drawings using fellow students as models. 
Hartej is eleven. Very well done.

Blind contour drawings below

Olive Coomes - Drawings from Life models

A selection of Olive Coomes Quick Gesture drawings

Asher Coomes - Drawings using life models and Still-Life

Asher's Modelled Drawing of a Pewter cup

Asher's Blind Contour drawings (below)

Asher's Quick Contour Drawing (below)