Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sarah's Value Studies

Sarah is studying value at present. Looking at an image of a famous actor and an image of a Roman Head sculpture. It's always good to work out your values first. It makes it a lot easier when you are ready to try a colour version. Value makes you look firstly at the larger structural areas and then move down to minor tonal changes.
Looking great Sarah.
The bottom image is Acrylic on canvas paper and the top is Oil on Canvas paper

Heidi's Character Development Drawings

Heidi is working on some really interesting character development drawings at present.
Really looking forward to see how these evolve in themselves and what the environment will look like in which they will dwell.
Fantastic work your doing there Heidi.
Drawings on paper.

Hannah's Sea Creatures

Hannah OY has a great eye for sculpture.
She is creating this creature with other sea creatures such as an Octopus, Coral, a Turtle and fish attached her. Can't wait to see the finished product.
Fantastic job Hannah. 
Mediums: Polystyrene, wood, Plasticine, Plastic eyes.

Watercolour by Hartej

Hartej has done a lovely job on his first Watercolour painting.
Looking great, well done. 

Aryan's Cool Character

Aryan has just about finished working on this cool dude. I'm not sure what he will name him as yet.
Wire frame, Plasticine, modelling compound and acrylic paint.
Terrific job Aryan.

Kyran's Cyborg

 Kyran is working on this cool Cyborg.
Mixed media, Plasticine
Going well.