Friday, August 11, 2017

Hartej's Illustrations

Hartej has taken a couple of images of people standing with different costumes on from the Google image bank. He has changed them into simplified characters. Terrific Job Hartej. Well done!
He is 12.

Eason's One-point Perspective Drawing

Eason is only 10 and made a terrific job of his first ever one point perspective drawing.
Fantastic Eason.

Aryan's Character Sculpture

Aryan has been working long and hard on this character.
He is made from wire and Plasticine and he is just in the process of painting him.
So can't wait to see the final product.
Terrific job so far Aryan.

Hannah's One Point Perspective Drawing

Hannah OY has made a great job of this one point perspective of an imaginary room. Well done Hannah.
She is working on a two point drawing next
Hannah is 11

Morgan's Character and Still-life Drawing

Morgan first designed her character she has in this drawing and then she drew the oil can from still life and the tool box image she found on the internet. So Morgan has included imagination, observational study from a real life object and from a printed sheet. Combining a lot of ways in the one drawing to create her finale image. Morgan worked really hard on this drawing and the results show this.
Well done Morgan.
She is 9.

Hayley's Sylvanian Drawing

Hayley is only 8 and has made a marvelous job of drawing a still life of her Sylanian. Well done.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Mei's Character Drawing and Painting.

Mei worked hard on this lovely cute character. Drawing it first on paper and then placing it into an imaginary night scene in the painting. I love the moon behind also, a lot of expression in it.
Well done Mei, terrific job. Mei is 9

Mackenzie's Unfortunate Card Characters

 Mackenzie has had a devilish time drawing these poor unfortunate characters who have had experiments done on them.
Then she has made them into a pack of cards.
Looking great Mackenzie.

Hannah LW's Glazed Clay Cup Cake Lidded Dish

Hannah LW's Cup cake clay dish looks terrific and almost good enough to eat.
Love the message placed inside. Very positive.
Well done.
Hannah is 10

Caitlin's Clay Fox

Caitlin made a terrific job of this glazed clay fox. It has heaps of character. Well done Caitlin.

Heidi's Portrait Drawing of her Mum.

Heidi has made a great job of this stylized portrait of her mum. With their Romanian background Heidi added traditional costume as well as a hint of the Romanian myths. Pastel pencil on paper.
Well done Heidi. She is 16

Hartej's Character Drawings

Hartej is very passionate about drawing and it shows in these two great character drawings.
He took a couple of images from the internet and turned them into characters.
Great job.
He is 11

Eason's Helicopter Drawings

Eason enjoyed drawing this terrific Helicopter. He drew in pencil first and then he used a light table to redraw it in marker pens.

Sarah's portrait drawing of a Lady - Detail

A detail of Sarah's lovely portrait drawing of a lady. Pencil on paper
Sarah is 15

Sarah's portrait of a lady

Sarah has made a great job of this portrait of lady using pencil.  Sarah is 15.