Monday, April 3, 2017

Sarah's Drawing of a Girl

Sarah is only 15 and has created a lovely drawing of a girl. Using charcoal pencils on coloured paper.
A terrific study.  

Sarah's final Clay Shops

Sarah has been working on these clay-works for about three-four terms and has created two beautiful pieces. She has put so much detail and so much character into them both, right down to the street vendors selling veggies and a lady losing her basket over the balcony, to a man watering his plants. Absolutely lovely. One of the buildings is made into a money jar.
Materials used - Clay, under-glazes, glaze and wire for the balcony.

Eason's Character Drawing

Eason is only eight and has produced this lovely wee chap. Very cute!
Eason drew him first on paper and then used coloured pencil and a brush pen to finish him off.

Hannah's Butterfly

Eleven year old Hannah enjoyed creating this charming clay butterfly. Love the organic feel and simplicity to this piece. Well done Hannah.
Materials - Clay, under-glazes and clear glaze with wire feelers. .

Hannah's Clay House

Hannah's wee clay house has come out marvelously. The roof of the house can lift off and you place a tea candle inside so the windows light up. Hannah is 11.
It looks terrific.
Materials - Clay and under-glazes with clear glaze on top.

Norman's Ice Man

Norman has been working on this 3D version from his ice man drawing. These images show the process half way through before the painting stage.  This Ice Man is looking terrific.
Norman is 16.
The figure is made from Polystyrene, Plasticine and modelling compound and finally acrylic paint.

Kyran's menacing creature

This character is pretty scary. Kyran is 11 and has made a terrific job of creating this menacing creature. Well done Kyran.
It is made from Polystyrene, Plasticine and modelling compound and acrylic paint.

Kyran's Clay Raccoon.

 Kyran is 11 and has put in a lot of time thinking about how to create this clay Raccoon. He looks terrific.