Monday, September 5, 2016

Caitlin's Clay Creature.

Caitlin has made a cool creature out of clay and added underglaze and clear glaze on top. Loving all the scales and its cute face on this one Caitlin. Well done!

Caitlin is 18

Jessica's Clay Cat

Jessica loves cats so she decided to make one in clay, with a cat bowl for the base for a candle.
She is going to give it to her Grandma for a present.
I am sure she will love it.
I love the very happy, contented look the cat has on its face.

Well done Jessica.
She is 10.

Hannah's 1st one point perspective.

Hannah is only ten years old and is already understanding the concepts around one point perspective. She has done a great job on this drawing. Loving the animals in the picture. Well done Hannah.

Sarah's Clay Shop

Sarah's beautiful clay shop. This is the first of two she is working on. Love the activity around the figures, one watering a plant, the other walking down the street. Gorgeous!