Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hannah's finished Clay Rabbit.

Hannah has made the cutest rabbit out of clay. She is only eight. She looked at Beatrice Potters drawings as a reference. Terrific job Hannah. 

Monday, April 4, 2016


All the students worked very hard on each piece of this sculpture, which went over two terms at the end of last year. From early drawings based around their identity's to planning a composition for the circular wooden boards. To painting and varnishing them.
This sculpture is great because we can reconfigure it all the time to make it look completely different and new. Rather like seeing different parts of a personality from different angles at different times.
Well done everyone.
It looks Fantastic.
I called it IDentree as it is like a tree and is about their individual identities. Wow!

Hannah's cute Clay Rabbit

Little Hannah is only eight and is working on a lovely cute rabbit made in clay.

Rishab's 'Azog the Goblin' from the Hobbit

This is Azog the Goblin from the movie - The Hobbit. Rishab is only 9 and has done a terrific job on this clay head. It looks just like him. Rishab was looking at the images and drawings from one of the Hobbit books as a reference.