Monday, November 28, 2016

Rishab's Batman and The Joker.

Rishab loves the Batman and Robin Comics and has decided to draw his own versions of them. Here's his version of Batman and a rendered drawing of the Joker. Well done Rishab. Your drawing skills are getting better all the time. Terrific.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Valaria's Clay Foxy

Valaria is only 8 and has had a great time making her fav game character - Foxy. Valeria loves drawing these characters and so once her drawing was finished she decided to try clay.
Well done he looks terrific.
Materials used - Clay and underglazes.

Norman's Ice Man

Norman is looking at how to make up a character using ice as his theme. He looked at quite a few different references to come up with him, including head structures and icicles. He has used charcoal pencils on brown paper. He's looking great.  

Hannah LW's Beach Scene Drawing

Hannah LW has made a lovely job of this drawing of a beach scene with the sun going down. Lots of patience on this one Hannah. Great perseverance to get it finished and what a great result. Hannah was looking at quite a few different references to make this scene up. Along with the NZ artist - Rei Hamon's lovely pen works. Well done.

Hannah OY's Blue Dragon

Hannah is only ten and already showing she has great skills way beyond her years with the careful modelling of this Dragon head. Materials - Polystyrene, wooden stick, Plasticine, modelling compound, plastic eyes and acrylic paint. Terrific job Hannah.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jessica's Miniature Clay Animals

Jessica really enjoyed making these cute miniature animals/characters from clay. Very cute.

Eason's Clay Leopard

Eason has made this gorgeous glazed clay Leopard. He is only 8. Fantastic job. Sooo cute!

Tom from Tom and Jerry by Maria

Maria has made a terrific job of Tom from the cartoon Tom and Jerry

One shady character by Hartij

These are two different views Hartij has drawn of his made up character. He has created a great job of them.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cartoon drawings by Hartij

Ten year old Hartij has a talent for drawing cartoons. He is practicing drawing centre lines, starting from basic structures, proportion, using the line of action, adding shading, and consider line quality, and the lost and found line. The underlying lessons in creating cartoons also helps with drawing objects and people from life.
Pencil on paper.
Terrific job Hartij.

Rishab's Drawing of a Face.

Ten your old Rishab has done a terrific job on this face. Made up from imagination. Pencil on paper.

Valeria's Game Characters

Seven year old Valeria enjoyed working on these game characters, which she drew from memory. Pencil and coloured pencil on paper. Well done Valeria.

Valeria's Horse

Seven year old Valeria has had fun working on this horse's head with pink hair. It is made out of Plasticine, Polystyrene, modelling compound, plastic eyes, acrylic paint with synthetic hair. Terrific job Valeria.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Caitlin's Clay Creature.

Caitlin has made a cool creature out of clay and added underglaze and clear glaze on top. Loving all the scales and its cute face on this one Caitlin. Well done!

Caitlin is 18

Jessica's Clay Cat

Jessica loves cats so she decided to make one in clay, with a cat bowl for the base for a candle.
She is going to give it to her Grandma for a present.
I am sure she will love it.
I love the very happy, contented look the cat has on its face.

Well done Jessica.
She is 10.

Hannah's 1st one point perspective.

Hannah is only ten years old and is already understanding the concepts around one point perspective. She has done a great job on this drawing. Loving the animals in the picture. Well done Hannah.

Sarah's Clay Shop

Sarah's beautiful clay shop. This is the first of two she is working on. Love the activity around the figures, one watering a plant, the other walking down the street. Gorgeous!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sarah's Clay Shops

This is one of two clay shops Sarah has been working hard on. This is before the final firing. 
It is looking great. Can't wait to see it when it comes out of the Kiln. She has a added a man watering his flowers on the balcony and a women walking past on the street. Sarah is 14 

Back view

Front view

Sanjeel's Painting of a Gaming Character

Sanjeel has worked long and hard on his painting of a gaming character he enjoys and the final outcome looks terrific. Well done. Acrylic on board.

Jessica's Clay Cat

This is Jessica's clay cat waiting to be fired in the kiln and then coloured with glazes and placed back into the kiln for a final firing. Jessica is 10. Looking good so far Jessica. She say's she wants to give it to her Grandma.

Hannah's Beautiful Clay Lizard

Hannah is only eight years old and has such talent bursting out of her. She has made this terrific clay lizard. Well done.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hannah's finished Clay Rabbit.

Hannah has made the cutest rabbit out of clay. She is only eight. She looked at Beatrice Potters drawings as a reference. Terrific job Hannah. 

Monday, April 4, 2016


All the students worked very hard on each piece of this sculpture, which went over two terms at the end of last year. From early drawings based around their identity's to planning a composition for the circular wooden boards. To painting and varnishing them.
This sculpture is great because we can reconfigure it all the time to make it look completely different and new. Rather like seeing different parts of a personality from different angles at different times.
Well done everyone.
It looks Fantastic.
I called it IDentree as it is like a tree and is about their individual identities. Wow!

Hannah's cute Clay Rabbit

Little Hannah is only eight and is working on a lovely cute rabbit made in clay.

Rishab's 'Azog the Goblin' from the Hobbit

This is Azog the Goblin from the movie - The Hobbit. Rishab is only 9 and has done a terrific job on this clay head. It looks just like him. Rishab was looking at the images and drawings from one of the Hobbit books as a reference.