Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christelle's Gorgeous Clay Little Girl

Isn't this the most cutest clay girl you have seen in your life. Gorgeous!
Christelle worked really hard on this piece all by herself and it shows the passion.
Christelle is five. Well done Christelle.

Christelle's Clay Machine

Christelle had great fun making this clay piece. When asked to tell the story around the piece she said it was a Machine. Christelle is 5

Christelle and her clay birdie

Christelle was having great fun exploring how she can make things in clay. She loves birds so we ended up with a few birds nests. Christelle is 5

Christelle's clay work

Christelle's clay cup has turned out wonderfully. She was going to give it to her Nana for Christmas. Lovely expressive colours.
Christelle is five

Rashab's Clay Man

Rashab's clay man all finished and glazed. He looks terrific.
Rashab  is 10

Rashab's Chinese Man

 Rashab's Chinese man looks great all glazed.
Well done Rashab.
He is 10

Sahil's Gollum

Sahil's terrific clay Gollum before firing. We will have to wait until the new year to see the glazed final firing
Sahil is 10

Sahil's and Elise's clay heads

Here is Sahil's Gollum and Elise's clay head together before firing. Looking great.

Elise's clay head

Elise has done a great job on her clay head. She has added words to it like the old posters had, defining personality traits. In this case she has done things which are important to her. She will add glaze in the new year.

The girls creating in clay

Elise and Sarah enjoying their clay work. Elise is working on a head and Sarah on a wee street building. Going well.

Sarah's Street Scene

Sarah has been working hard on this lovely street
shop with terrific expression in the street people she has added to the scene. With a man selling fruit and veg to a lady dropping her purse from the balcony above. Sarah is glazing the piece at the moment, so we will have to wait until the new year to see the final result.
Sarah is in Year 11 in this coming year