Friday, November 20, 2015

Sarah's clay street stores

Sarah is producing a series of store buildings in clay. One will be a coin box. She has small cute characters caught doing various acts in the street like a man selling fruit and veggies and a lady loosing her bag over the edge of the balcony. All very cute.

Rishab's clay head

Rashab is only 10. He has had fun creating this wee clay head.

Elise is working on a head, which she later want s to glaze with a Phrenological chart painted over the skull.

Sanjeel working on his painting

Sanjeel working on a painting.

Sahil's Gollum head

 Sahil is having great fun creating Gollum's head in clay. Doing a great job so far. Sahil is 10 years old.

Heidi's characters for her story

Heidi is creating her own characters for a story she has written. She is looking at the Pokemon characters for reference and altering them to what she likes.  

Heidi drawing her charcters for her story

Heidi's busy creating characters for her story.

Sahil's game character drawings

Sahil is only 10 and going extremely well rendering his favourite game characters.
Pencil on paper

Elise's 3D clay head

Elise is enjoying working on creating a 3D head which she will later glaze.