Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Students at work enjoying creating

Students hard at work enjoying themselves

Sam's Cartoon Drawing

Sam is 10 and really enjoys drawing cartoons. He has done a great job here.

Olive's Rabbit painting

Olive is 11 and enjoying learning to paint. She loves animals so I suggested she takes a look at the work of NZ artist - Joanna Braithwaite. Olive has done a terrific job with her rabbit with top hat.
Acrylic on board.  

Christelle's painting

Christelle is only five. Here she was having fun experimenting with acrylic inks and using a calligraphy pen. Well done Christelle.

Hannah's dog painting

Hannah is only 9 and already has very good painting skills. This work is a part of a group sculpture about identity. Hannah loves animals as you can see. Well done Hannah.