Monday, March 23, 2015

Elise's Pastel Drawing of an old Nursery Rhyme Book

Elise has produced this lovely pastel pencil drawing of an old Nursery Rhyme Book. She is working on her identity work and this drawing is to represent her mother who is a writer.
Elise is 15

Paul's plastercine Gravity Falls Character

Paul's rendition of Dipper from Gravity Falls in Plastercine. Paul has taken his drawn character to 3D. Great job so far Paul.

Paul's Gravity Falls Character.

Paul loves the characters from Gravity Falls. He has drawn Dipper wonderfully and then proceeded to make him in Plastercine.

Paul's Dinosaur Drawing.

Paul has a great sense of structure with all of his drawings. Another great dinosaur drawing.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Hannah's Chicken

Hannah has produced another amazing wee drawing for her age. She is only eight and a half. She has chickens at home and took a few photos of them to work from. Terrific Hannah.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Paul's Dragon sketches

Paul is 12 and has produced these terrific sketches of dragons out of his imagination. He loves the movies - How to train your Dragon.

Michelle's musical instruments

Michelle is 9 and loves music. She has chosen to draw her instruments as a part of the identity work we are doing at present. Well done Michelle.

Sarah's food container drawings.

These are two of Sarah's objects she has chosen to draw as a part of her identity work she is working on. Sarah is 12 and loves orange juice and Maltesers. She worked directly from looking at the objects in front of her. Great sketches Sarah.

Elise's scissor drawing

Elise has drawn a pair of hair cutting scissors to represent her Dad who is a Barber as a part of her identity objects she has chosen. Great drawing Elise

Sam's Minecraft drawing

Sam is 10 and loves Minecraft. He worked from an actual minecraft toy figure to produce this drawing. He has done a terrific job. This object is one of the objects chosen to represent his identity at this time. He will use this figure in his final painting on wood.

Sahil's Minecraft character drawing

This is Sahil's great minecraft drawing. Sahil is 10 and loves Minecraft. He chose this as one of the things to represent his identity. This is a working drawing for a painting he will later do.

Grayce's drawing of Martha Long.

Grayce is 10 and loves the story about Martha Long. She decided to draw her using the grid method. This great work was the result. Love the numbers as part of the work.

Ruben's Tops Trump Cards

Ruben loves his pack of cards
called Top Trumps. Which he
has sketched here.
Well done Ruben.

Ruben's Rugby ball and pencil case

 Ruben's is eight. These are drawings of objects he has considered to be representative of his identity at this time. He loves Rugby league hence the drawing of the ball and he uses his pencil case at school every day. Terrific drawings Ruben.

Hannah's Shell Drawing

Hannah is only eight and a half and is producing wonderful drawings like this shell above. Great artistic future ahead of her.

Hannah's Rabbit

Hannah is only 8 and half years old and is already producing beautiful drawings like this one of her rabbit. A collection of drawings will go towards a final work about their identity. All the students works will be gathered together to make a self supporting group sculpture. Well done Hannah.