Thursday, October 30, 2014

Elizabeth's tribute to the Music she loves.

Elizabeth has been working hard on this wonderful artwork of her's. This is the first of her tributes to the music she enjoys - Pink Floyd. Elizabeth gathered a number of different record covers from this band and put them together in her own way. Painting them on old records glued together. Looks terrific.
Elizabeth is 13

Paul's Characters Head

Paul's character made from Polystyrene and Plasticine. He has done a great job of this liitle character. 
Paul is 11.

Sarah's Fantasy Garden

 Sarah's Fantasy garden all lit up with some wonderful shadows happening
 Her Fantasy garden during the day
A detail of her Fantasy Garden. Well done Sarah, very fine and delicate.

Sam's Fantasy Garden

 Sam's Fantasy Garden in a jar
 Detail of Sam's Fantasy Garden. A peak into a different world. A world of Mushrooms and frogs
 Sam's Fantasy Garden lit up
A detail or peak inside his Fantasy Garden