Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Alyssa's Fantasy Garden

Alyssa took one look at a white Lilly flower and went to work, first drawing the Lilly and then turning it into a dress and a Lilly Princess with wings. She wanted the light to be inside the dress so it would light up and cast shadows, which it did.
This work reminds me of the Hunger Games Movie character with her dress which lights up with a fake fire as she spins.
Alyssa was very innovative with this work utilizing the glue from the hot glue gun and allowing it to drip and create a lace like pattern. She used Plasticine and wire to construct the frame of the figure and dress and clear acetate and glue for the wings.
She also had fun creating small flowers out of Pistachio nut cases and wire.
She has thoughts of becoming an Art Teacher, so she is well on her way to her goal.

Well done Alyssa
She is 11

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