Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Alyssa's Fantasy Garden

Alyssa took one look at a white Lilly flower and went to work, first drawing the Lilly and then turning it into a dress and a Lilly Princess with wings. She wanted the light to be inside the dress so it would light up and cast shadows, which it did.
This work reminds me of the Hunger Games Movie character with her dress which lights up with a fake fire as she spins.
Alyssa was very innovative with this work utilizing the glue from the hot glue gun and allowing it to drip and create a lace like pattern. She used Plasticine and wire to construct the frame of the figure and dress and clear acetate and glue for the wings.
She also had fun creating small flowers out of Pistachio nut cases and wire.
She has thoughts of becoming an Art Teacher, so she is well on her way to her goal.

Well done Alyssa
She is 11

Sahil's Fantasy Garden

Sahil went for the desert look for his Fantasy garden and created a Cacti character, Working on a Charcoal drawing and then into creating his garden in a jar with a wee light added.

Looks terrific Sahil
Sahil is 9

Rubens Fantasy Garden

Ruben's Fantasy Garden project.
We began with drawing fantasy plants and added a few wee characters. Then Ruben finished a terrific charcoal drawing of fantasy plants and characters. And finally he worked on his sculpture, creating a garden in a jar with a wee light inside.
Well done Ruben
Ruden is 9

Grayce's Alpaca drawing

We are now going onto looking at parts of animals and joining them together in different ways to make a new kind of animal. Grayce has drawn this cute Alpaca with a lot of attitude. I can see this drawing on a T Shirt quite easily.
Grayce is 10

Grayce's Fantasy Garden

This is Grayce's Fantasy Garden. I can see it must be from a strange new land.

This project was terrific for problem solving as they had to fit it into a certain size, they had to add and hide the switch for the light. They had to choose materials they may not have worked with before, use different tools to cut, bend and glue things and they had to wire up their wee light blob.
Well done Grayce
Grayce is 10

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Grayce's Fantasy Garden drawings

Students began this Fantasy Garden Project first by doing a few plant studies and then because we were going to make a Fantasy garden in a jar, using plastic found objects and a few extra bits and bobs. They were then asked to do a charcoal drawing using a jar template I made for them and masking off with low tack tape. These drawings helped them think about what they wanted inside the jar before they started to make them.
Grayce is 10 and has produced some terrific drawings.

Josh's Fantasy Garden

Josh had a fantastic time making his Fantasy garden. He really got into it and came up with a terrific result. He loved painting and glueing the polystyrene balls together with a glue gun and making a grape tree (is what I think he called it) with the other forms.
Well done Josh
Josh is 6

Josh's Plant Studies for his Fantasy Garden.

Plant studies for the Fantasy Garden Project.
Nice strong confident line.
Josh is 6

Jonty's Fantasy Garden

Students have been enjoying making Fantasy Gardens. They began by drawing plant and a charcoal drawing to begin thinking about what they would place in their Fantasy Garden.
We also added a small light and switch to it so it would light up at night.

Jonty is 8 and was really enjoying experimenting with different materials and problem solving to see how to put it all together.
Well done.

Alex's Fantasy Garden

We started a Fantasy Garden project using found objects and all sorts of bits and pieces plus adding a light and a switch and placing it all inside a large preserving jar.
Students drew first to work out what they would want to attempt to make. Then began to make a garden which can be lit up at night. A lot of problem solving went on in the making of the work as well as fun and laughter.
Alex is 8

Alex's Electric Man

Alex worked on this for home practice and came up with this great character.
Alex is 8