Friday, August 22, 2014

Aryan's Godzilla painting

Aryan has produced a great Godzilla painting. He used pencil, watercolour pencils, masking fluid and Gouache. Great job Aryan.
Aryan is 12.

Sarah's Doggy Painting

Sarah has been working on her dog painting for some weeks and managed to produce a really beautiful painting. She experimented before she began with different methods to apply the paint and decided on a smooth application for everything except the dog. With the dog she wanted to loosen up the brush strokes and add a few colours instead of just grey and white. Well done Sarah.
Acrylic on board.
Sarah is 10

Friday, August 15, 2014

Clarita's flower study

Clarita's beautiful flower study.
Pencil on paper
Clarita is an adult student.

Clarita's flower drawing 4

Another of Clarita's beautiful flower drawings. She is loving the details and figuring out different compositions.
Pencil on paper
Clarita is an adult student.

Clarita's flower drawing 3

Clarita's beautiful flower drawing.
Pencil on paper
Clarita is an adult student.

Clarita's Flower Drawing 2

Clarita's beautiful flower composition. Clarita is an adult student, loving the detail of flowers.
Pencil on paper.

Clarita's flower study 1

Clarita is an adult student who is loving the details of beautiful flowers. She is experimenting with different compositions.

Rachel's head sculpture

Josh's mum Rachel, also had a go at making a wee plasticine head ... not sure who had the most fun!

Josh's Mr Blob.

Josh had a terrific time making this wee face, which he called Mr Blob. Josh is six.
Polystyrene, plasticine, paint, plastic eyes.

Tutors example of the plasticine heads

My mad wee example for the students to see the process of making. A Polystyrene egg for the head and half a polystyrene ball for shoulders and a small wooden Dowling stick between for the neck, plasticine over that, modelling compound over the plasticine, and one plastic eye was used in this one, then painted. Can add all sorts of other materials to it also.
Students have had great fun making these. You could keep going and going with the detail, plasticine is very easy to work with and the modelling compound gives it a harder coating to take the paint.
Tip - don't put it in front of a heater or leave a blow dryer on it to long as it tends the soften the plasticine underneath the modelling compound and makes it go rather gooey. We found out the hard way.
We then took photos of them and placed them into a frame and added wallpaper to the background all on Photoshop. This project is well worth doing.
Megan Murphy - Tutor