Friday, June 27, 2014

Sarah's cute dog

This is such a cute drawing Sarah has done of a dressed dog. We were looking at the work of NZ artist Joanna Braithwaite. Sarah is now doing some paintings of these dogs. Fantastic job Sarah. She is 10.

Sarah's dog drawing

Sarah is only 10 and she loves dogs so she had to do a study of a cute wee one. She used charcoal sticks for this drawing and pencil. Amazing job Sarah.

Wintao's Women's Head Study

Wintao is only 10 and has done an amazing job on this women's head study. Fantastic Wintao. Lovely subtle use of shading.

Wintao's Manga Drawing

Wintao's Manga drawing is very cute. She was experimenting with using Gouache for the first time. Great drawing Wintao. She is 10.

Wintao's study of a hand.

Wintao wanted to study drawing hands and to make it more interesting she chose a pattern to go over the top and work into the hand. A really successful drawing Wintao. She is only 10 and has such a good eye at a very young age.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Student's in the Costumed Life Drawing Classes. Lots of Fun.


Life drawing classes

Students had turns being the model in the centre of the room.

Lots of fun and some great work produced.

Students experimented with a lot of different materials and ways of applying them.

Drawings had to be done in 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5, 10 and 20 minute poses.
Heidi being a model

Jenn drawing

Jenn being the model while Kelvin and Wintao and others draw quickly

Kelvin's turn to be the model

Lauren drawing with a glue stick and pen and adding glitter. Miller as model

This time it's Sarah's turn to be the model while Lauren uses pen to draw with

And now it's Lauren's turn to model while we see Sarah working with a glue stick, glitter and charcoal

Wintao and Heidi having fun posing as models for the rest of the class. Mike and his son Paul working furiously. 

Mike's turn to be model for the class with Mandolin in hand

Miller as model and Lauren drawing and Harry the skull looks on.

Sanjeel's turn to be model with Harry the Skull in hand

Sarah working fast with different media on the one figure.

Sarah working fast and using different media and looking at Miller as the model.

Sarah's turn to be model

Wintao using multiple tools at once to achieve a very expressive line.

Wintao holding a flower for the class to draw. Jenn working in the background. 

Wintao as the model and Jenn drawing in the background

Elizabeth's turn to be the model. 

Grayce's drawing of Mary Tudor 1

Grayce, has created another lovely drawing this time of Mary Tudor1 as queen. Her face shows a mix of confidence and shyness, which I think is lovely. It has a Mona Lisa feel to it. Grayce is 10.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Paul's animal machine characters

Paul was on a roll the other day,  drawing some great wee characters, which were a mix of animal and machine. He may make a story to go with them. Paul is 11

Lauren's Carrie drawing

Lauren loves the Carrie movie. A study of the main character Carrie.

Alex's Rocket

Alex's Rocket. We were experimenting with lots of different ways of making marks with paint for the background and then they could choose one of their drawings to paint onto the foreground. Alex used a brush, a roller and blowing the paint through a straw.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kelvin's still-life drawing

Kelvin has been studying the textures of this driftwood piece and has made a beautiful job of rendering what he see's. Pencil on paper. Kelvin is 15. 

Paul's characters

Paul has a great natural sense of a characters structure, proportion and balance. Paul is 11

Wintao's life drawings

Wintao experimented with different media as she drew her costumed classmates. The drawing exercises had to be drawn in 1,2,5, 10 and 20 minute time spans. Short drawing times are to loosen up and to force students to search out the essential lines. Wintao is 10.

Sarah's life drawings

Sarah had a great time exploring all the different media as she was drawing the costumed models in front of her. These examples are where she used multiple tools at the one time. Sarah is 10.

Sanjeel's life drawing

Sanjeel's life drawing. In blue felt tip. Costumed model holding a Steampunk gun.
Sanjeel is 14

Lauren's life drawings

Lauren's drawings always seem to gather such character.
Students had turns being the model, some with costumes on, so the other students could draw them. All sorts of tools were introduced to them. Lauren tried pen and drawing with a glue stick and glitter. Lauren is 18

Kelvin's life drawing

Kelvin's 1 minute life drawing with multiple tools. The result is a terrific expressive figure. Kelvin is 15

Jenn's life- drawings

Jennifer's great life drawings. Using pen, watercolour pencils and charcoal sticks. well done. Jennifer is 14.

Heidi's life drawings

Heidi's terrific life-drawings. Students had turns drawing other costumed students in the class. They were introduced to 1 and 2 minute drawings and longer 5 to 20 minute drawings experimenting with different methods of mark making. Heidi is 13. Well done