Thursday, May 22, 2014

Grayce has created this lovely drawing of Queen Elizabeth 1st for her home practice. I love all the patterns throughout the dress and the attention to small details. I think she has captured that regal look about her. What a lovely drawing Grayce :0)  Well done.
Grayce is 10 years old.

Alex has produced this wonderful rocket. I love the shape of it and the beautiful shading he has done on this work. I also like the way he placed his name on the outside of his Rocket. Well done. Alex is eight.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alyssa has been working on a head made from clay for the last few weeks. She is nearly finished and crossing her fingers it all goes well in the kiln. She was looking at a cartoon animation character as a reference as well as her own imagination and spontaneous creativity. Well done Alyssa

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Serene Chan loves Dragon's and has enjoyed working on this one in acrylic paint. She wants to study and draw parts of the dragons next and take them a little further. Serene is an adult student.
It looks terrific Serene. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Alyssa's Skull drawing

Alyssa is 11 years old and has a great eye for detail. We posed our friend Harry the skull with a flower and Alyssa worked hard on this drawing and made a terrific job of rendering it. Pencil on paper

Flying shoe

Paul is only 10 and has an extremely good natural drawing style at a very young age. This was a very quick drawing he produced and was then going to make it in clay but thought the wings might pose a problem so he decided to make the Mocking Jay pin from the movie - The Hunger Games instead. His drawings are very strong. Well done Paul

Bed Time

Lauren began with drawing shells and rendering them extremely well. We then worked in some of her favourite characters with one of the shell shapes. "I'm loving the feet sticking out the bottom". Lauren was using Charcoal sticks and white pencil for this work. Fantastic Lauren. She is 18 years old

A character for a friend

Heidi loves working from shapes she is familiar with and these shapes tend to turn into these characters. She is working on character development for a whole battle scene. So stay posted. This particular drawing was for her friend. Well done Heidi. She is ~ 13 years old.

A flower from Harry

Wintao is only 9 years old and is already off to an amazing start. We posed our resident skull (named Harry) with a flower in his mouth. Wintao did an amazing job at rendering what she could see. She pays particular attention to detail. Well done.

Foxy Lady

Jennifer is 14 and she has decided to combine animal faces with Steampunk costumes.  She is working on a series of these drawings so she can print them onto cards for sale and to give away to friends. She has worked really hard on this drawing and has achieved a terrific result.